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added the rest of "40% keys" on the function layer

Game: Minecraft

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this is my contry and i love france

Game: Valorant,Fortnite

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Game: Valorant

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Proof that I work.


  • Fixed search not acting correctly
  • Creating profiles now has a game searcher
  • Ability to assign more games to profiles (4)
  • Pagination of profiles.... finally


  • Keyboard previews embedded in discord notification
  • Keyboard previews in URL preview


  • Entire recode with framework
  • New editor on create page


  • Fixed multiple showings of the same game name in search
  • Fixed search in alphabetical order of games


  • Moved site to a new and improved server


  • Added "One-Click" this allows Wootility v4.3 and above to install profiles from a url, who wants to do manual work AM I RIGHT?!?!
  • Fixes profile data overflowing outside of boxes on smaller screens


  • Finally fixes analog curve error on older profiles
  • Testing new profile caching method


  • Added alert message on Lekker tagged pages (because Tony is blind)


  • Added per-key actuation numbers on profile keyboard preview
  • Fixed search bar not showing results on Safari (Sorry it took this long)


  • Added new profile support
  • Support for new curve
  • Numpad and Scroll lock indecators added
  • Redirect logic on updated share codes
  • Added header code to give history pages more information
  • Added changelog


  • Added new curve logic (start and end deadzone)
  • Added new crown (Gives golden crown to user who most submitted)


  • Added discord webhook for new submitted profiles

Pre-release logs (patchy at best, I never wrote anything down)

  • 07/04/20 - Public release
  • 21/01/20 - Testing
  • 07/07/19 - Darrell joins me with project to redesign my crappy UI
  • 16/05/19 - Gains its name from Erik (Database + Wooting = Wootabase)
  • 15/05/19 - Alpha release to Founders for approval of project
  • 10/04/19 - Started Wootabase development