Pseudo Fn-Toggle Typing Profile

Stays in Fn2 layer until you press D1

Game: Among Us

Night Time Typing

Every day typing profile: Rapid Trigger / Mod Tap


  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Dead Space

Programming for Germans

Programming Layout with Y and Z switched

Game: sear

normal typing profile

normal typing profile i use

Game: program


Finger highlights to learn new layouts

Game: Fast Typing Master

Typing with Numpad on Fn 2

Fn+Caps for numpad 123=789 QWE=456 ASD=123 Z=0

Game: Itch!


My profil optimised for typing and coding

Game: Agross


Desktop (Digital Profile)

Game: Apex Legends


Desktop (Digital Profile)

Game: Digital


Desktop (Wootility v4.5.5)

Game: se


for type

Game: Pet Puzzle

60% Ripple White/Orange Typing 1.5MM

Typing profile 1.5MM

Game: monkeytype

kBinds - Typing

Digital typing profile for Wooting 60HE

Game: Hacknet


Just a small inferno-inspired gradient for typing.

Game: The Talos Principle

Everyday Use - Based off Miko & Raiden

Meant for Coding. FN and CTRL Keys are swapped.

Game: Genshin Impact

ANSI 60HE - German-Layered - MaySeikatsu

ANSI Layout adjusted for German input typing

Game: User Is Typing // Message Sent

Typing profile

Beautiful profile for typing, coding, regular use

Game: There Is No Game