Bootleg Lekker

Game: Desktop

Full Size Lekker RGB

Game: Desktop

Digital Lekker

Game: Desktop

Sunset v1

Just an RGB profile

Game: Rgb

Forza Horizon 4

Gotta go fast :D

Game: Forza Horizon 4

RDR2 analog movement

Become the analog bandit

Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

Days Gone

Works alright

Game: Days Gone

BF1 Pilot


Game: Battlefield 1

Forza Horizon 5

FH5 Lekker HE

Game: Forza Horizon 5

Farming Sim 22

Game: Farming Simulator 22

Back 4 Blood

Slow walk, and run curve

Game: Back 4 Blood

switch issue tracker

profile to track down switch issues

Game: One way to exit

60 HE DualShock Colors

Basic FPS profile with og PlayStation Color Scheme

Game: Apex Legends

Lekker Leopold Analog Racing

Lekker Leopold


  • FIFA 19: Ultimate Edition
  • F1 2021
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition & Megalodon Shark Card Bundle

Diablo IV

Diablo IV profile for Wooting 60HE

Game: Diablo IV: Ultimate Edition

Valorant - PeanutS

0.6 actuation, rapid trigger on WASD

Game: Valorant


made mfor val

Game: Valorant


added the rest of "40% keys" on the function layer

Game: Minecraft