MGS 2 and 3

For MGS2 and 3 through RPCS3

Game: Metal Gear Solid


movement settings

Game: Minecraft

Minecraft DKS

A DKS workaround for minecraft

Game: Minecraft


added the rest of "40% keys" on the function layer

Game: Minecraft


Just for looks

Game: Minecraft

Minecraft Sprint DKS

Game: Minecraft

Best Wooting 60HE Profile

Best for Minecraft Crystal PVP, Roblox Arsenal


  • Minecraft
  • Roblox

60% Ripple White/Orange Typing 1.5MM

Typing profile 1.5MM

Game: monkeytype

Mordhau with analog input

Analog movement + pressure bar

Game: Mordhau


Jubt blue & yellow

Game: N/A


Rebind crouch to CTRL, C is uppercut

Game: Naraka: Bladepoint


Settings from his stream

Game: Naraka: Bladepoint

Need For Speed Heat Xbox Contr

Xbox controler config for NFS Heat.

Game: Need For Speed Heat

ModTab (German)

ModTab Settings

Game: no Game

60HE coding and office layout

A 60He layout for coding and every day use.

Game: Non-gaming layout

Vowels (Trail FX)

Cheeky little RGB highlighting vowels.

Game: Old School RuneScape

switch issue tracker

profile to track down switch issues

Game: One way to exit

uwu profile

uwu profile i made

Game: osu

osu! Current settings :3

My current settings :3

Game: Osu!

My very cool osu! profile

Good for basically all games, made myself wahh wah

Game: Osu!

OSU! Settings

Mix of Mrekk and my settings for OSU

Game: Osu!

Osu! Profile

Caitos Osu Profile 0.1mm Downstroke 0.2mm Upstroke

Game: Osu!

Nothern Lights HE60

Nothern Lights for HE60

Game: Osu!

Northern lights v2 (60HE)

beautiful 3-layer profile with numpad available

Game: Osu!