Gen Z

Killer robots in Sweden

Game: Generation Zero

Digital Sunset

Smooth Blue to Orange Gradient for the 60HE

Game: Generic

Everyday Use - Based off Miko & Raiden

Meant for Coding. FN and CTRL Keys are swapped.

Game: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Keyboard Profile

Game: Genshin Impact

God of War 2

A profile for PCSX2 God of War II

Game: God of War II

Analog Driving (GTA 5/GTA V)

Profile for analog driving

Game: Grand Theft Auto V



Game: Grand Theft Auto V

Actually good GTA V profile

Ideal configuration for GTA with Analog keyboards


  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • GTA V
  • GTA RP

Grid (2019)

Such speed, Much wow.

Game: Grid (2019)

Grid Autosport

Much speed, Such wow.

Game: Grid Autosport

GTA V - Flying profile

Profile enables analog steering for planes in GTA

Game: GTA V

kBinds - Typing

Digital typing profile for Wooting 60HE

Game: Hacknet

Half-Life/Black Mesa

Any single-player source game

Game: Half-Life + Black Mesa

Skrimp Fried Lice


Game: Halo Infinite

For Democracy!

Walk speed is based on actuation.

Game: Helldivers 2

Hitman 2

Game: Hitman 2

Night Time Typing

Every day typing profile: Rapid Trigger / Mod Tap


  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Dead Space

Hiigaran Battlecruiser

Game: Homeworld 2

Honkai star rail on wooting UwU

Honkai star rail on wooting UwU

Game: HSR

Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown

Game: hunt showdown

my wooting two he practical profile


Game: idk halo

Typing with Numpad on Fn 2

Fn+Caps for numpad 123=789 QWE=456 ASD=123 Z=0

Game: Itch!

Killing Floor 2

Game: Killing Floor 2